2016 New Bikes

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FC 250

Razor-sharp agility A completely new 250cc DOHC engine has been designed to perfectly match the new..

£6,948.00 Ex VAT: £5,790.00

FC 350

Power and control The FC 350 shares much of its engine architecture with the smaller F..

£7,098.00 Ex VAT: £5,915.00

FC 450

Muscular performance The ground-breaking new generation chassis is fitted with the mo..

£7,297.20 Ex VAT: £6,081.00

FE 250

The highly-tuned double overhead cam engine in the FE 250 is lightweight, compact an..

£7,498.80 Ex VAT: £6,249.00

FE 350

The FE 350 shares its engine architecture with the FE 250, but with 25% more power. The combination ..

£7,699.00 Ex VAT: £7,699.00

FE 450

World championship winning performance In the hands of Pela Renet,..

£7,999.00 Ex VAT: £7,999.00

TC 125

New generation 2-stroke The new generation motocross range marks the introduction of the first ne..

£5,798.40 Ex VAT: £4,832.00

TC 250

High intensity thrills Detail changes to the MY16 TC 250 are aimed at refining the rid..

£6,444.00 Ex VAT: £5,370.00

TC 85

Big performance, mini packageNew stylish colours and graphics adorn the MY16 TC 85. The agile and ..

£4,296.00 Ex VAT: £3,580.00

TE 125

Where the fun begins Weighing only 96 kg without fuel, the TE 125 is the lightest enduro model in th..

£6,346.80 Ex VAT: £5,289.00