Husqvarna Motorcycles is offering purchasers of the 2024 Norden 901, Norden 901 Expedition and Svartpilen 801 models the chance to double up on their standard 24-month factory warranty. To extend the two-year warranty to four years, riders around the globe simply have to get their motorcycle serviced at an authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer. Additionally, the warranty period for Husqvarna Motorcycles Spare Parts and Technical Accessories for all street models will be extended to 24 months. Best of all, these warranty extensions come at no additional charge.

The warranty period is automatically extended provided regular services are carried out according to the service schedule, at an authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer. All that customers need to do is have the official services performed within the 24-month warranty period to prolong the warranty until the next service, up to a maximum of four years. The terms and conditions are identical to those of the initial manufacturer’s warranty.

Additionally, the Husqvarna Motorcycles manufacturer’s warranty is linked to the motorcycle and can be transferred to a new owner should the original owner sell their motorcycle. This is conditional on the next owner being registered on the official Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer platform. Registration can be done at any authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer.

Valid from the initial date of purchase, all official Husqvarna Motorcycles Spare Parts or Technical Accessories used on all 2024 street motorcycles will also have a full 24-month warranty. This warranty extension applies to Spare Parts and Technical Accessories bought from January 2024 onwards.

Jens Tuma – Senior Head of Customer Service“We always advise our customers to use the official Husqvarna Motorcycles network to get their motorcycles serviced, purely because the staff are trained on those particular models and use approved parts and accessories where applicable. This way we can ensure best possible quality and value preservation of the bikes and it’s also a big reason why we’re really happy to make this warranty extension offer for customers of Husqvarna Motorcycles around the world.”



Husqvarna Motorcycles is proud to launch its all-new and powerful naked motorcycle, the 2024 Svartpilen 801. Combining performance, agility and contemporary scrambler-inspired design, the Svartpilen 801 is the latest and largest displacement naked machine in the brand’s line-up. Engineered to elevate the road riding experience and escape the ordinary, this exceptional motorcycle sets a new standard of excellence for middleweight street models.

Weighing just 181 kg, the Svartpilen 801 is built around a strong and light chromium-molybdenum tubular steel frame for a precise balance of flex and rigidity. At its heart is a powerful 799 cc parallel-twin DOHC engine. Tipping the scales at 52 kg dry, the engine offers a peak power output of 105 hp with its reliability and efficiency guaranteed by innovative technologies that extend service intervals to 15,000 km and ensure an extremely low fuel consumption.

The pairing of its lightweight engine and frame gives the Svartpilen 801 a perfectly balanced power-to-weight ratio, resulting in a consistently agile and exciting ride. A Power Assist Slipper Clutch (PASC) system maximises traction under hard acceleration and prevents instability under hard braking, with an Easy Shift providing seamless gear changes. Adjustable WP APEX suspension offers 140 mm of fork travel and 150 mm of shock travel for assured comfort and handling both in and out of town. Pirelli MT60 RS tyres – fitted to 17” wheels – provide a high level of grip and feedback.

The minimalist look of the Svartpilen 801 is achieved by premium details such as the LED lights and aluminium handlebars, coming together to create a unique and eye-catching street machine. Slimline ergonomic bodywork finished in dark tones wraps neatly around the engine and frame, with a two-piece seat offering a high level of comfort and unrestricted movement. 

State-of-the-art electronic aids improve the rideability of the Svartpilen 801, with an optional Dynamic Pack taking the street riding experience to an even higher level. In addition to adjustable Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC) and ABS, Street, Rain and Sport ride modes are pre-set options as standard. The Dynamic Pack introduces Motor Slip Regulation (MSR) for controlled deceleration with the Anti-Wheelie mode limiting the maximum wheelie angle for extra safety.

A best-in-class technology package provides ease of use and maximum performance for every rider. The J.Juan brake system delivers exceptional stopping power thanks to the corner-sensitive Bosch ABS system. For advanced riders, a Supermoto ABS mode can be engaged by those looking for a heightened level of braking feel and a closer connection with the road. 

Versatility and safety are enhanced by premium electronic features, including a 5” TFT dashboard and Connectivity Unit as standard. Pairing the unit with the Ride Husqvarna Motorcycles app allows for clear Turn-by-Turn navigation to be activated, as well as the ability to control telephone calls and music selection. A Hazard Warning system is also integrated into the handlebar controls while anti-theft protection is provided via the immobiliser.

Technical highlights:
  • Chromium-molybdenum steel frame with engine as stressed member
  • 799 cc parallel-twin engine with 105 hp peak power and 87 Nm of torque
  • Adjustable WP APEX suspension provides exceptional comfort and performance on rugged streets
  • Four selectable ride modes (Street, Rain, Sport, plus an optional Dynamic Mode)
  • Optional Dynamic Pack introduces ten levels of slip adjustment and five levels of Anti Wheelie
  • Motor Slip Regulation, Anti-Wheelie and Cruise Control available with optional Dynamic Pack
  • Standard Cornering Motorcycle Traction Control
  • Cutting edge cornering-sensitive ABS
  • Ride-by-wire throttle with adjustable throttle response
  • Standard Easy Shift function (up and down Quickshifter)
  • PASC Slipper clutch
  • Standard Connectivity Unit provides TbT+ navigation, telephone calls and music selection from the rider’s smartphone
  • Hazard Warning system with integrated handlebar switch
To maximise the experience of riding the brand-new and dynamic Svartpilen 801 2024, an extensive range of Technical Accessories gives riders the opportunity to enhance the performance and appearance of their motorcycle. In addition, the latest Functional Street Collection allows riders to create an appearance tailored to their all-new Svartpilen 801 from the extensive range of stylish and protective riding gear.
The 2024 Svartpilen 801 will be available for £10,499. Available from June 2024 onwards. 



Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to present the exciting, all-new 2024 generation Vitpilen and Svartpilen models. Featuring the biggest technical updates to the ranges since their introduction in 2018, the completely redesigned Vitpilen 401, Vitpilen 125, Svartpilen 401 and Svartpilen 125 all feature entirely new engines, new chassis, class-leading technology and new styling.

From urban commuting to weekend exploration, the newest Vitpilen and Svartpilen models have been designed to offer a consistently fun, memorable and dynamic riding experience. Aboard these new machines, both new and experienced riders can disrupt and escape the ordinary.

An all-new steel trellis frame preserves the much-loved agility of the Vitpilen and Svartpilen models, with a lightweight aluminium swingarm and WP suspension on each machine ensuring predictable and accurate handling. The 2024 machines also feature a longer wheelbase, new frame and a revised seat height, improving their cornering behaviour while keeping their renowned stability. The Vitpilen models further benefit from new handlebars that offer reduced weight for highly responsive steering. Powering the 2024 range is a new and more compact engine family, all EURO 5+-compliant with an improved weight distribution and revised gearbox.

Offering an engaging and dynamic ride within and outside of urban environments, the Vitpilen 401 and Svartpilen 401 are powered by a 399 cc, 45 hp, single-cylinder engine that is housed inside a steel trellis chassis. Combined with a new aluminium swingarm, the motorcycles’ much-loved nimble handling gives excellent rider feedback. The Vitpilen 401 and Svartpilen 401 also share key technology, including cornering MTC, switchable ride modes, adjustable WP suspension, ByBre brakes and Bosch cornering sensitive ABS that deliver powerful stopping power. Easy Shift technology allows clutchless gear changes while a 5” bonded glass TFT display, premium paint finish with decals, and 17” wheels complete the unmistakable style of the Vitpilen and Svartpilen models. 

Driven by a 125 cc, 15 hp single-cylinder engine, the new Svartpilen 125 and Vitpilen 125 offer a chance to learn and explore, combining ergonomic design with high-end components for a reassuring ride. Like their larger capacity siblings, both models feature WP suspension, ByBre brakes and Bosch cornering sensitive ABS. Offering an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, the agile, compact, and A1 licence-compliant Svartpilen 125 and Vitpilen 125 are expertly designed for the next generation of young riders.

Technical highlights:
  • New frame and swingarm that accommodate the new engine with off-centre rear suspension
  • New 5” bonded glass TFT display
  • Open cartridge front fork
  • A premium paint finish with overcoated decals
  • Low seat height of 820 mm
  • Cornering ABS
  • Easy Shift and connectivity features as standard
  • LED headlight with positioning light ring
  • Spoked 17” wheels with premium Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres (Svartpilen 125 and Svartpilen 401)
  • Cast aluminium 17″ wheels with 6-spoke aero design and premium Michelin Power 6 tyres (Vitpilen 125 and Vitpilen 401)
Additionally, Husqvarna Motorcycles offers a Technical Accessories range with a collection of meticulously designed, high-quality components to enhance performance and looks, while increasing durability. The Functional Street Apparel collection allows riders to choose from a comprehensive range of riding gear and protective items, all of which provide maximum levels of safety and comfort.
The 2024 Vitpilen and Svartpilen range will be available from February 2024:

  • Vitpilen 125 – £4,899
  • Vitpilen 401 – £5,599
  • Svartpilen 125 – £4,899
  • Svartpilen 401 – £5,599



There’s a brand-new GASGAS in town and we’re stoked about it! The battery-powered MC-E 2 is designed for young kids to safely and easily discover the thrills of offroad riding. Make no mistake, this little red ripper raises the bar sky high – so high that we’re sure it’ll leave all similarly sized and spec’d dirt bikes, e-powered or otherwise, in its dust!

New MC-E 2 changes the game for kids learning to ride offroad
Size adjustability, three ride modes and disc brakes ensure safe progression
Available in Authorised GASGAS Dealers from November 2023

Modern design, built with the latest technology and so much fun to ride, thanks to its low weight and WP suspension, every kid will absolutely love the MC-E 2. One of the bike’s coolest features, hands down, is that it can be easily adjusted in size with only basic tools required. So as the little riders grow, they can keep on riding the MC-E 2 for longer before jumping up to a bigger bike.

Parents will love the MC-E 2 too as it’s assembled with quality components and needs little to no maintenance to keep it running sweet. Plus, the three ride modes allow for safe and progressive learning and with the motor neatly housed inside the rear wheel’s hub, there’s no better or safer dirt bike out there.

Technical Highlights
Removeable Li-ion power tool battery – Easy to remove and recharge, the universal power tool style fitment means fully charged spare batteries can be fitted quickly and easily
Fast recharging – It only takes one hour for a full recharge, with an 80% charge taking just 35 minutes
Adjustable ergonomics – The MC-E 2 can be adjusted in size – between 90-130cm – so as children grow they can continue developing their skills on the same bike, and the standard seat height of 470mm can easily be increased to 500mm with basic tools
Low maintenance – Battery-powered, no chain, no sprockets – just simple, hassle-free riding
Safety features – The motor only provides power after the throttle has been twisted forward slightly and in addition to a conventional kill switch, a rollover sensor cuts power when the MC-E 2 is laid down
Disc brakes – No old-school drum brakes here – front and rear disc brakes create some serious stopping power, giving riders complete control and bags of confidence10” wheels – Strong, maintenance-free wheels wrapped in KENDA knobbly tyres are perfect for offroad riding
Low centre of gravity – Gives the bike a very lightweight feel, making it super easy to ride
Lightweight – The MC-E 2's lightweight construction – it tips the scales at just 27 kg – means that in the event of an off youngsters can pick it up easily and allows them to ride for longer
Modern design – The MC-E 2 is a brand new, modern dirt bike with graphics inspired by our bigger bikes
Top speed of 20 mp/h – Yeah, the MC-E 2 can be fast with mode three engaged! Mode two allows for speeds of up to circa 12 mp/h while the lowest setting, mode one, lets kids get to grips with offroad riding safely with a modest top speed of around 5 mp/h

The all-new MC-E 2 is available from November 2023 onwards for £2,399.



Hot on the heels of GASGAS’ full-size dirt bike launch, we’re back with two awesome new 2-stroke mini bikes for 2024 – the MC 50 and MC 65. These latest generation models, which are pretty much all new, will certainly spice things up for every young rider out on the track. Headlining the massive list of exciting updates for both models is their adjustable ergonomics, as well as vibrant new bodywork, new motors and new frames. Almost everything about each model has been improved to take the riding experience to the next level. Without doubt, they’re the hottest dirt bikes kids will ever need!

  • GASGAS’ all-new generation MC 50 and MC 65 offer next-level performance
  • Adjustable ergonomics allow each bike to be adapted as riders grow
  • Check them out in GASGAS dealers from December 2023

Kids grow fast – sometimes a little too fast – which is why the GASGAS engineers have made the MC 50 and MC 65 adjustable in size. This means youngsters can continue riding a familiar bike, really getting the most out of it before stepping up to a bigger model. Plus, as both bikes are built from quality components in the same way as full-size GASGAS MX models, you know that these little rippers are the real deal.

MC 50
The new engine creates a broader spread of power, making the MC 50 so much easier to ride, and with classic GASGAS styling influenced by our full-size bikes, it really is a seriously good-looking dirt bike! Everything about it, including the new ignition, cylinder head, exhaust, frame and WP rear shock, combine to really boost the overall performance and handling of this awesome little 2-stroke.

Technical Highlights – MC 50
New and adjustable ergonomics – For the first time ever, the MC 50 features adjustable, child-specific ergonomics, which means the bike perfectly fits a wider range of riders. The bodywork, shock and subframe can now be fitted in two positions, offering a seat height of either 634mm or 682mm. This allows smaller kids to start on a smaller bike and stay with the MC 50 as they grow – in both size and confidence.

New bodywork – Influenced by our full-size bikes to create a unified look across the range, the new and scaled-down all-red bodywork looks the business!

New motor – With a slightly larger capacity of 49.9cc, the new motor creates a much broader spread of power when compared to the old generation but make no mistake, this little motor is just as high revving and packs a real punch!

New frame – Replicating the design of our bigger bikes for ultimate strength, improved handling and confidence-inspiring stability. The shock’s mounting position has also been moved to reduce energy transfer through the frame for next level rideability.

New polyamide reinforced steel subframe – Strong, light and height adjustable with two positions to accommodate growing riders, while playing a vital role when it comes to the bike’s overall handling.

New cylinder head – Redesigned inserts made from two separate parts for simplified maintenance – who doesn’t love that?

New ignition – The new digital ignition is largely responsible for the increased power and durability of the new MC 50.

New clutch – A reinforced basket means improved durability while the multi-disk clutch pack helps deliver smooth and predictable power.

New radiator – One large radiator (instead of two) helps simplify the hose routing to improve cooling in all conditions.

New exhaust – With the welds on the inside smoothed over it makes for a noticeable power gain throughout the rev-range.

New WP XACT Rear Suspension – A shorter rear shock lowers the back end of the MC 50 to create a much more balanced chassis and is perfectly matched to the WP XACT front forks.

New footpegs – All-new design improves grip, prevents mud from building up and stops them catching on deep ruts.

New handlebars and grips – A super modern bar bend improves body position and boosts technique while ODI grips offer maximum comfort.

New hour meter – For making sure routine maintenance stays on schedule.

MC 65
For kids stepping up from the MC 50, our MC 65 is ready and waiting. Because riding the MC 65 could be the first time a child throws their leg over a dirt bike with a clutch and transmission, our engineers have designed both components to be easy to use and maintain a consistent performance. This, in addition to the unrestrictive ergonomics, more usable spread of power and a perfectly balanced chassis, allows young thrill seekers to focus on what matters most – riding fast and having fun!

Technical Highlights – MC 65
New and adjustable ergonomics – For the first time ever, the MC 65 features adjustable, child-specific ergonomics which means the bike caters for more riders. The bodywork, shock and subframe can now be fitted in two positions, which offers a seat height of either 715mm or 760mm. This allows smaller kids to start on the lower seat height and eventually graduate to the taller setting, keeping them riding the same bike for longer and building up their skills and confidence.

New bodywork – Similar to the new MC 50, the new bodywork is a scaled down version of our full-size bikes abd also looks the business!

New motor – Much more powerful than the old generation and sets the bar even higher when it comes to 2-stroke performance!

New frame – Replicating the design of our big bikes for ultimate strength, improved handling and confidence-inspiring stability. The shock’s mounting position has also been moved to reduce the energy transfer through the frame for next level rideability. Riders will also enjoy carving through tighter corners thanks to a wider steering range.

New polyamide reinforced steel subframe – Strong, light and height adjustable with two positions to accommodate growing riders while playing a vital role when it comes to the bike’s overall handling.

New cylinder head – Redesigned inserts made from two separate parts for simplified maintenance.

New ignition – The new digital ignition is largely responsible for the increased power and durability of the new MC 65.

New clutch – A steel basket means improved durability while the diaphragm spring clutch self-adjusts to maintain performance.

New radiators – Two new Pankl radiators replicate the same design as used on our full-size GASGAS dirt bikes but scaled down to fit the MC 65. These rads, in addition to a new coolant hose layout, keep the bike running super cool for maximum power and motor durability.

New exhaust – With the welds on the inside smoothed over it makes for a noticeable power gain throughout the rev-range.

New WP XACT rear suspension – A shorter rear shock with 253.5mm of travel lowers the back end to create a much more balanced chassis and is perfectly matched to the WP XACT front forks.

New footpegs – All-new design improves grip, prevents mud from building up and stops them catching on deep ruts.

New shift lever – Influenced by our full-size bikes, precise shifting in all conditions is super easy thanks to its clever design that prevents mud from building up around the tip.

New kickstart – A quick prod of the redesigned kickstart and the MC 65 fires into life. Simple!

New handlebars and grips – A super modern bar bend improves body position and boosts technique while ODI grips offer maximum comfort.

New hour meter – For making sure routine maintenance stays on schedule.



Husqvarna Motorcycles has expanded its growing line-up of e-powered minicycles for 2024 with the introduction of an all-new model – the EE 2.

Designed for children (between 90-130 cm in height with a maximum weight of 35 kg), the EE 2 is built to the highest of standards and offers multiple adjustment options, ensuring different sized riders and riders of greater or lesser ability enjoy riding a machine that fits them perfectly. Offering fast recharging and expertly assembled with premium components throughout, the EE 2 is ultimately designed to ensure youngsters learn the essential skills needed to competently ride offroad. 

The new EE 2 is the smallest of three models in Husqvarna Motorcycles’ electric minicycle line-up, standing alongside the proven and popular EE 3 and EE 5 machines. To set itself apart, the EE 2 features an innovative motor that is housed inside the rear wheel hub and offers a peak power output of 1.8 kW. The motor is both dust and waterproof, and most importantly for parents, it is maintenance-free. 

A quick-to-recharge and easily swappable Husqvarna BLi300 battery provides power for children to enjoy up to 100 minutes of riding time aboard the EE 2. Additionally, the battery utilises the same design as most modern power tools, which means non-stop riding is possible when fully charged spare batteries are available. The battery fitted as standard can achieve an 80% recharge in just 35 minutes with a full charge taking one hour. 

The EE 2 can be quickly adjusted in multiple ways for a personalised riding experience. For taller riders, the seat height can be increased from the standard height of 470 mm to 500 mm with a couple of simple steps – lowering the WP forks through the triple clamps and repositioning the WP shock. The power delivery can also be altered easily using the Multi-Functional Display unit. Conveniently positioned in front of the seat, this intuitive device allows parents to select one of three power modes. These begin with a walking pace option, through to the least restrictive setting that allows for a top speed of 33 km/h. 

For the highest levels of reliability and performance, the EE 2 is assembled with an aluminium frame, swingarm, and skid plate, with hydraulic disc brakes and a Rollover Sensor ensuring complete control and safety. Rounding out the construction of the new model are components from specialist offroad brands including WP suspension, KENDA tyres, and ODI grips. 

Husqvarna Motorcycles is proud to now offer a trio of exciting electric minicycles following the introduction of the entry-level EE 2. For when riders outgrow this new machine, the larger EE 3 and EE 5 models are designed to deliver pure motocross performance with their premium WP suspension, powerful motors, and comprehensive specification.

EE 2 Technical Highlights

  • 36V lithium-ion battery provides up to 100 minutes of riding time
  • Fast recharging – 80% in 35 minutes or one hour for a full charge
  • Maintenance-free HUB Motor delivers 1.8 kW of peak power
  • Weight – 29 kg including dust and waterproof battery
  • Adjustable ergonomics with two seat height options – 470 mm or 500 mm
  • Aluminium frame and swingarm for strength and durability
  • WP suspension for exceptional comfort
  • Rollover Sensor disengages power should the EE 2 fall over
  • Hydraulic brakes front and rear with 140 mm discs
  • 10″ wheels with KENDA offroad tyres
  • High quality handlebars complete with ODI grips
  • Multi-Function Display includes three power modes:Walking speed/Medium power/Full power with a top speed of 33 km/h

Ensuring children of all ages can ride with unrestricted comfort and a high level of safety, the Functional Offroad Apparel Collection is a concise range of high-quality riding gear complete with modern styling. Additionally, a selection of Technical Accessories is available for all three minicycles with each component designed to personalise the ergonomics for a customised riding experience. 

The 2024 EE 2 arrives in October with the larger machines in the e-powered minicycle line-up, the EE 3 and EE 5, already available at authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles dealerships worldwide.



Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to reveal the new Norden 901, which sports a new grey and yellow colourway and offers improved performance and safety thanks to multiple technical enhancements for 2024. An incredibly popular machine since its introduction in 2021, the Norden 901 ensures all adventure enthusiasts can explore the world their way.

The machine of choice for many adventure riders, the Norden 901 retains the same proven, torque-rich 889 cc parallel twin engine for 2024. Together with its light steel trellis frame, WP APEX suspension and multiple ride modes, the Norden 901 continues to offer outstanding comfort, particularly on longer rides and while navigating rugged and challenging landscapes.

Husqvarna Motorcycles’ lean-angle sensitive Cornering Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC) now offers ten different levels of rear wheel slip, which can be selected when the optional Explorer Mode is engaged. With settings to suit all riding abilities, those with more experience can enjoy drifting through turns while riders new to travel machines will benefit from confidence inspiring traction when negotiating technical corners and unpredictable terrain.

Further new features found on the Norden 901 2024 are a new USB port, hazard warning lights, which can be quickly switched on in the event of an emergency, and the new exhaust system that meets EURO 5+ regulations. 

Underlining the premium build quality of the Norden 901, the components used on this versatile machine are all chosen for their performance and durability. The Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres, Bosch Cornering ABS, a Power Assist Slipper Clutch (PASC) and multiple ride modes combine to create the ultimate riding experience.

Technical highlights:
  • New grey and yellow graphics create a distinctive appearance
  • Revised Cornering sensitive Traction Control allows for 10 levels of adjustable rear wheel slip with optional Explorer Mode engaged
  • New exhaust system for EURO 5+ compliance
  • New USB port on the side of the TFT Display
  • New Hazard Warning system
  • Bosch Cornering ABS
  • Chromium-molybdenum steel frame with engine as stressed member
  • 889 cc parallel-twin engine with 105 hp peak power and 100 Nm of torque
  • Adjustable WP APEX suspension provides exceptional comfort both on and offroad
  • Four selectable ride modes (Street, Rain, Offroad, optional Explorer)
  • Ride-by-wire throttle with adjustable response (in Explorer mode)
  • Standard Easy Shift function (up and down Quickshifter)
  • PASC Slipper clutch
  • Tubeless spoked wheels with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres for balanced performance on and offroad
  • Large capacity, 19-litre fuel tank provides an extended range of up to 400 km
  • Optional Connectivity Unit provides Turn by Turn+ navigation, telephone calls in/out and music selection from the rider’s smartphone
The Husqvarna Motorcycles Functional Apparel Collection comprises quality riding gear designed specifically for global adventures. Complementing the unique design of the Norden 901, each piece of apparel has been developed to keep riders warm, dry and comfortable in all weathers and seasons. Allowing riders to personalise their Norden 901, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ Technical Accessories features multiple luggage solutions and quality components that further enhance this exceptional travel machine.

Husqvarna Motorcycles’ Norden 901 2024 is available to order now, with the first units due to land in February 2024. Price is to be announced.



Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to reveal its highly anticipated 2024 minicycle line-up. The brand’s two smallest machines – the TC 50 and TC 65 – are all-new and for the first time ever fully size adjustable, with multiple technical enhancements boosting performance and reliability. In addition, the class-leading TC 85 features the latest technology and race-tested components to give aspiring youngsters a competitive edge over their rivals..

Utilising much of the same technology found on the full-size motocross machines, the TC 50 provides the youngest racers with a highly capable, competition-focused motorcycle. Using statistical scientific data throughout the design process, the ergonomics have been perfected for youngsters and with adjustable bodywork, WP suspension and multiple handlebar mounting positions, riders can continue racing the TC 50 as they grow in size. 

The TC 65 offers the same adjustment options as the TC 50, which allows riders to continue developing their motocross skills aboard a familiar machine. A new, more compact and fully adjustable WP shock now offers less travel to improve the balance of the TC 65 and thanks to its revised mounting position on the new frame, more energy is now absorbed for greater comfort. Together with significant updates to the engine, which includes a new DS clutch and steel basket, more durable gearbox and machined crankcases, the on-track performance of the TC 65 reaches a higher level for 2024. 

Shared updates to both the TC 50 and TC 65 – including new exhausts, updated jetting settings and footrests – boost the overall performance and rideability, while all-new bodywork and graphics replicate the full-size models. Each machine is then equipped and finished with components from leading offroad brands including BRISK spark plugs, Formula brakes, MAXXIS tyres, ODI grips and Twin Air filters, creating a pair of best-in-class motocross machines. 

Completing the minicycle line-up is the popular and proven TC 85. Continuing to be the perfect platform for riders progressing from the TC 65 before transitioning to a full-size machine, the TC 85 offers youngsters the highest levels of performance, handling and reliability.

2024 Technical Highlights: 

  • Striking new white, grey and yellow graphics highlight Husqvarna Motorcycles’ Swedish heritage
  • New, scaled down bodywork replicates the look and feel of the full-size models
  • Improved TC 50 and TC 65 engines – broader and stronger power delivery
  • New TC 50 and TC 65 frames – significantly improve handling characteristics
  • New aluminium handlebars on the TC 50 and TC 65 – updated bend for a modernised feel
  • Adjustable ergonomics – allow the TC 50 and TC 65 to be customised for each rider
  • Premium components – improves the quality, performance and durability of each machine
  • Easily adjustable WP XACT forks and XACT PDS shock – optimal performance and low weight
  • MAXXIS MAXXCROSS MX-ST tyres for exceptional straight-line stability and excellent traction
  • Formula brake components give each machine best-in-class stopping power
  • Formula hydraulic clutch assembly on the TC 65 and TC 85 – consistent action and durability
  • High-grip seat cover on all models – maximum comfort and control
  • Black Excel rims and CNC-machined hubs for TC 85 – low unsprung weight and greater stability

To personalise and further enhance the performance of the minicycle machines, the Husqvarna Motorcycles Technical Accessories range includes a high-quality selection of competition-focused engine and chassis upgrade options. In addition, youth racers can ride in style thanks to the comprehensive Functional Offroad Apparel Collection. Featuring items such as the Kids Railed Helmet, Kids Railed Goggles, Kids Railed Shirt and Pants, all clothing is performance-focused ensuring both comfort and protection for riders of all ages and abilities.
The 2024 minicycles motocross models are available to order now, with the first units arriving mid-November 2023. 

  • TC 50 – £3,999
  • TC 65 – £4,999
  • TC 85 – £6,099 (both 17/14 and 19/16 wheel sizes)



Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to announce its 2024 TE and FE Pro enduro line-up, the 2-stroke TE 300 and 4-stroke FE 350. These latest offerings have been designed from the ground up to give experienced and ambitious enduro riders the performance edge they need to excel at the highest levels of competition.

All-new for 2024 and based on a revolutionary enduro platform, both the FE 350 Pro and TE 300 Pro are expertly crafted with new frames, subframes, bodywork, suspension and brakes, plus a host of engine refinements. Each of the Pro models shares an extensive list of innovations. The new enduro platform focuses on continued improvements to overall rideability, delivering outstanding performance. Riders will immediately appreciate and benefit from the technical changes made to both machines.

Technical sections can be conquered in complete confidence and control thanks to predictable damping from new, enduro-specific WP suspension. A WP XACT Closed Cartridge fork incorporates a mid-valve piston for smooth action and consistent performance, while a hydrostop in the final 68 mm of travel helps maintain momentum. A redesigned WP XACT shock features a new piston for a more compliant action and is 100 g lighter and 15 mm shorter while retaining 300 mm of travel. Both fork and shock settings can be adjusted by hand for quick, easy personalised set-up. 

Striking restyled bodywork adorned with modern, Swedish-inspired graphics and a new high-grip seat cover complement the revised chassis. An improved ergonomic rider triangle offers greater knee contact for better control. The slimline bodywork also affords complete freedom of movement when riding standing up while a redesigned LED headlight produces greater illumination and is fitted using a more efficient and user-friendly mounting system. 

Based on the all-new 2024 enduro range, the TE 300 Pro engine is fuelled by Throttle Body Injection (TBI) technology. Developed to sustain the best-in-class performance of these lightweight 2-stroke machines, TBI gives more consistent and controllable power throughout the rev range, even in the toughest conditions. 

Engine innovation is also a hallmark of the FE 350 Pro, powered by a new and much more compact DOHC unit. This is tilted back in the frame by two degrees compared to previous models, further centralising mass and contributing to improved anti-squat chassis characteristics. Additionally, all major engine components are positioned as centrally as possible to improve handling and generate maximum torque and power. 

Both models raise the enduro riding experience to new levels thanks to advanced electronics. The Engine Management System (EMS) allows each machine to offer two pre-set riding maps to suit varying terrain, with each gear matched to tailored power delivery. The 4-stroke model offers additional rider aids including Traction Control and a Quickshifter for positive upshifts, even under heavy load. 

The TE 300 Pro and FE 350 Pro showcase Husqvarna Motorcycles’ progressive approach with premium components shared across both models. These include a new LED headlight, Brembo hydraulic clutch and brake systems with high performance GALFER discs, a combined Start/Stop button, a new Factory Racing wheel-set with high-strength EXCEL Takasago rims, ProTaper handlebars and Michelin enduro tyres. A host of premier features that place the Pro models at the top of their class.

TE 300 PRO 2024

FE 350 PRO 2024

2024 Technical Highlights

  • New competition-inspired graphics
  • Factory Racing approved, Brembo hydraulic clutch and brake systems
  • GALFER brake discs front and rear
  • WP XACT Closed Cartridge front forks offer more progressive end-of-stroke damping
  • WP XACT rear shock design with CFD-optimised main piston and tool-free adjusters
  • New Factory Racing wheel-set with high-strength EXCEL Takasago rims
  • New competition seat cover with additional ribs
  • Polyamide skid plate with added linkage protection
  • Front and rear brake disc protector
  • Supersprox rear sprocket
  • Soft compound ODI handlebar grips2-stroke engine features TBI technology for improved rideability and ease of use
  • 350cc DOHC 4-stroke engine provides class-leading power and torque
  • Quickshift sensor providing seamless up-shifting on the FE 350 Pro
  • Multifunctional Map Select Switch on both models, which also activates the Quickshifter and Traction Control on the FE 350 Pro
  • Offroad Control Unit (OCU) for the highest level of reliability and user-friendly serviceability of electronics
  • High-performance LED headlight unit for a brighter light output and simplified fitment
  • Premium-quality ProTaper handlebar
  • Electric starter powered by a lightweight Li-Ion 2.0 Ah battery 

Enduro riders can kit themselves out for every event with the Functional Offroad Apparel Collection, featuring an extensive range of riding gear and waterproof clothing, expressly designed for enduro competition. The TE 300 Pro and FE 350 Pro already feature a number of Technical Accessories as standard, and additional items are available to further enhance durability and performance. 

The 2024 TE 300 Pro and FE 350 Pro are available to order now. Priced as below:
TE 300 PRO 2024 – £11,449.00
FE 350 PRO 2024 – £11,849.00



One year on from launching the best GASGAS trials bikes ever made, GASGAS is heading full steam into 2024 with an updated line-up, based on the already proven model range. Each of the two TXT GP models have received some tasty upgrades while our four tried, tested and much-loved TXT RACING bikes remain every bit as awesome and super fun to ride. 

GASGAS unveils its awesome 2024 six bike trials line-up 
Rideability and performance of the TXT GP bikes taken to new levels
All six models available from official GASGAS dealers worldwide from September

It only seems like yesterday that GASGAS unveiled the latest and greatest generation of trials bikes. But now, 12 months on, and the best just got better. The bold, modern, and instantly recognisable 2024 bikes are here, with their distinctive red livery. Beyond their easy-on-the-eye appearance, these 2-strokes are the real deal. GASGAS knows that trials riders worldwide absolutely love the unmatched rideability of each bike, which is a result of their agile handling and compact, powerful motors.

For 2024, performance has certainly been spiced up on the TXT GP 250 and TXT GP 300 models. The first thing that draws attention, both visually and while riding, is the Akrapovic exhaust pipe. Made from high-grade titanium, the header pipe is not only 350 grams lighter, but between 2,000rpm and 7,000rpm, there’s a noticeable boost to power, which makes scaling the biggest obstacles even easier than before.

Handling wise, the TXT GP models retain the fully adjustable Tech3 shock that now features a 25% larger reservoir for increased oil capacity. The reason for this revision is simple – less heat builds up which makes damping much more consistent and predictable, even through the gnarliest of technical sections.

Rounding off the exciting changes to both TXT GP bikes are the new, FIM-approved brake discs front and rear, a new gear lever – designed with a shorter tip that’s better at preventing mud from building up, as well as fresh new graphics taken straight from the GASGAS Factory Racing bikes.

Offering next-level rideability, the GASGAS TXT RACING models deliver unrivaled performance and with four popular engine sizes – 125cc, 250cc, 280cc and 300cc – the 2024 range really does offer something for everyone! Each of these models, as well as the TXT GP range, are assembled inside the state-of-the-art GASGAS production facility in Terrassa, Spain, and fitted with quality components throughout. The hottest around when it comes to high-performance trial bikes, the 2024 GASGAS TXT RACING range lets trial riders of all ages and abilities do their thing with serious style.

Technical Highlights – TXT GP

  • New Akrapovic exhaust pipe boosts power while saving weight
  • New brake disks front and rear
  • New gear lever for improved shifting in all conditions
  • New GASGAS Factory Racing replica graphics
  • New TECH TJ3 shock absorber is fully adjustable and offers consistent damping
  • TECH front fork with 174.5mm of travel and a KASHIMA coating for enhanced sensitivity
  • Lightweight steel frame made from cast and tubular parts with aluminum front hangars
  • Cylinder head with interchangeable inserts for customised power
  • NEKEN handlebars and RENTHAL grips
  • GASGAS Factory Racing inspired bar pad
  • CNC-machined, black anodised aluminum triple clamps
  • BRAKTEC hydraulic clutch and brakes
  • Strong and lightweight wheels with CNC machined hubs and a lightweight rear rim
  • Michelin Trial X11 tyres front and rear for maximum traction
  • Patented 4/6-speed transmission

Technical Highlights – TXT RACING

  • Lightweight steel frame made from cast and tubular parts with aluminum front hangers
  • Cylinder head with interchangeable inserts for customised power
  • Fully adjustable TECH forks offer 174.5mm of travel
  • TECH shock allows for a personalised rebound and spring preload set up
  • Ergonomic bodywork complete with in-mold graphics
  • Footpeg design boosts control in tough conditions
  • Silencer features a super-durable end cap
  • NEKEN handlebars and RENTHAL grips BRAKTEC hydraulic clutch and brakes
  • Strong and lightweight wheels with CNC machined hubs
  • Michelin Trial X11 tyres front and rear for maximum traction
  • Patented 4/6-speed transmission

All six models will start to arrive from September 2023. Full model price list below.
TXT RACING 125 2024 – £7,399.00
TXT RACING 250 2024 – £7,499.00
TXT RACING 280 2024 – £7,599.00
TXT RACING 300 2024 – £7,699.00
TXT GP 250 2024 – £8,099.00
TXT GP 300 2024 – £8,299.00